Writing one-shot RPG adventures for this competition with Saga Events

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Write One shot RPG adventure competition with Saga Events

This writing one-shot RPG adventures ompetition has been designed and deployed by the company Saga Events as a mean to get people into moving their RPG writing creative muscles during this COVID19 pandemic that is seeing us in lockdown at home.

The idea of this is to have an excuse to put ideas out there, get people to write RPG adventures and share their knowledge, imagination, expertise and love for the hobby.

The adventures can be for any game and any system, so whatever tickles your fancy can and indeed is a good one to have a go at. Entry is totally free!

You can read more about this one-shot RPG adventure writing competition here: https://www.wearesaga.com/saga-forge-1

You can also find more on Deren’s Legends of Avallen here: https://www.legendsofavallen.co.uk/

Hope you enjoy the show!

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