With a Bullet Point: 7 Feats For Flying Foes

102935[1]By Thilo Graf

All right, you know the drill – 3 pages of content, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial/SRD, 1 page content – let’s check it out!

Aerial combat has until now unfortunately been rather neglected, when flying is such an obvious tactical advantage in many circumstances. This pdf seeks to somewhat alleviate that via 7 feats.

  • Aerobatics: Add a fraction of your fly-speed to your CMD.
  • Dogfighting: +2 to ini while flying and makes you harder to hit while in the air by e.g. negating charge bonuses.
  • Dive Bomb: Plunge, attack and back up – AWESOME! I just wish there was a feat to increase the bonus-damage.
  • Drift: When hit by an attack, use its momentum to drift slightly away – great to use clouds as cover!
  • Improved Flyby Attack: Choose a foe in range – this one does not get an AaO when you fly by, making flyby-attacks finally as efficient as spring attacks.
  • Slashing Wind: Combine a full attack with a move at the cost of a minor penalty to AC and attacks.
  • Strafe: If you make only one attack and move, add damage depending on your flight velocity.


Editing and formatting are top-notch, the pdf adheres to SGG’s 3-column standard and the pdf has no bookmarks, but needs none at this length. This is one of the Bullet points pdfs that should have been done much earlier – running aerial combats has in PFRPG, at least to me, somewhat felt wrong and all the options herein add greatly to the versatility of aerial combatants, making the airborne fights more tactical, challenging and ultimately cool. Dragons in my home-game are definitely getting some of these to play with! Great, useful and concise feats that close a hole in the ruleset – awesome! The only thing I’d potentially complain about is that I would have loved to see alternate prerequisites so that e.g. magic-laden players can more easily benefit from the feats or some feats dealing more closely with the fly-skill. Oh well, still not enough to drop this excellent pdf a star – my final verdict will be 5, but sans seal of approval.

Endzeitgeist out.

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