Video Unboxing: Torn Armor

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35441_10151506310088933_1416779805_n_200_200_c1[1]I am not one for wargames because they take too long to play (usually) and I am not one for long games. When Alyssa Faden came up with Torn Armor, I was hooked and i backed the Kickstarter.

Then I had Alyssa in the podcast for an interview and I was even more taken by the game which funded.

And then the problems started.

Stretch goals were hit to unlock a number of truly gorgeous looking miniatures and more than once Souljar Games were let down to the point that a company even kept several thousand dollars and refused to give them back though they never produced the work they were hired to.

Still, despite the delays and the problems, they kept going and going until they’ve produced the game we have in this video.

However, despite all the problems, have they managed to produce a quality game? Are the contents of this box worth the amount of money you have to pay to get your hands on it?

Let’s find out!

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