Video Unboxing – Odin’s Table from Mind Warrior Games

pic1100924_t[1]I found Odin’s Table last year at Spiel when I had the pleasure to meet the guys at Mind Warrior Games, a very new company that was trying very hard to make an impression with some lovely looking games.

Because I like shiny things and I like to cast some light on companies that are not very well known, I interviewed them and got their games to do the unboxings and – hopefully soon – the reviews too.

We started with Odin’s Table for being a game for two players and it’s two of us doing the unboxing. Me and Derek Mayne, who was generous enough to back Dice & Slice and join me to do some unboxings.

The game sounds promising, I have to say, but are the contents worth the amount of money you have to pay to get your hands on it?

We’re about to find out!

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