Untold Triple Threats

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93093[1]Untold Triple Threats are triple-tastic! Three fully built and disparate Untold characters, all drawn inexplicably together for one single cause, it’s like a ready-made adventuring party, all in one package! Use them together or apart, as Player Characters or Non-Player Characters, an opposing force for Untold: Battle or as a support group for your normal party, or as an awesome story hook to get them started – there’s almost no end to the ways that you can utilize the Untold Triple Threats!

Triple Threat: Twilight Threat contains the following:

  • All the cards you need to play Character 1 (of 3), Oru – a L’na Twilight whose inquisitive nature and knack for uncovering lost secrets makes him a valuable commodity; if you need something that’s lost to be found; Oru can handle the job…
  • All the cards you need to play Character 2 (of 3), Ursimian – a massive and mighty L’na Twilight whose wisdom and power are paralleled only by his savagery and ferocty; do not provoke this peaceful giant to anger!
  • All the cards you need to play Character 3 (of 3), Shadow – a L’na Twilight who’s dark past and darker soul makes him the perfect hunter; Shadow is the ultimate mental and physical assassin.
  • The thrilling, intriguing story of how these three very different Characters were brought together, chocked full of story hooks and ideas!
  • An exclusive discount code for future products & purchases!

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