Unboxing Video – Ludonaute’s Lewis & Clark

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pic1902092_t[1]Lewis & Clark is a game about the American Shopping Spirit.

Let me explain. In November 1830, Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana from the French. Bonaparte probably thought it was too far to take the wife for a weekend stroll and I’m sure he had a war or two to fund, so the cash came in handy.

Anyway, Lewis & Clarke were the two explorers sent to find out exactly what the president had bought with his pocket money and this game is about re-creating what I’m sure was a pretty exciting and dangerous journey.

Of course, Ludonaute, being the careful sort of company it is, has chosen some truly stunning artwork.

But how about the rest? Are the components in this box worth the money you have to pay to get your hands on this game?

Let’s find out!

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