Unboxing: Snowdonia

pic1430858_md[1]If you had the privilege of living near Snowdonia, you’d know it is a place that’s beautiful, beguiling, and deeply inspiring. You’d also know it’s a tough environment with mist, cold winters, rain more often than not and its own train line. All the way to the top.

For centuries, Snowdonia has inspired all sorts of artists, from the Bronte Sisters (I think) to Tolkien (don’t quote me on that one) to Turner (that one deffo! I mean, that man was inspired by anything… look at how many things he painted!), and now it has inspired another kind of artist, one under the name of Tony Boydell.

His company name, Surprised Stare Games, sprouted after reading what I just said about him in the paragraph above, and it has retro-actively been producing games for the last few years. And jolly good games they are!

Snowdownia is an Euro game in which players compete to carry out the construction of the railway that goes from the bottom of the mountain to the very top. Managing your resources and keeping an eye on the weather is quite an important part of this game indeed!

So, coming from a small company and with a theme that’s both as inspired as it is quirky, and considering that most people haven’t heard of Snowdownia the place before, is the money you have to pay to get your hands on this game worth it?

Let’s take a look!

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