Unboxing Dragon Age RPG: Set 2

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grr2804_200[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

The videogames were excellent (well, maybe not Dragon Age 2) and the RPG did them justice with an elegant and easy to master system and great cinematic mechanics. However, is the quality of the books and the box worth the money you have to pay to get this set?

Find out!

From the publisher’s website:

The Dragon Age RPG has been called the best introduction to RPGs in 30 years. Set 1 put adventurers on their path and covered characters of level 1 to 5. Now Set 2 brings them to the next stage of their journey, providing everything needed to play characters of level 6 to 10. Its many highlights include rules for playing the legendary Grey Wardens, the introduction of roleplaying and exploration stunts, nearly 40 new spells, expanded world info and character backgrounds, and the addition of specializations like arcane warrior, berserker, and assassin.

Dragon Age RPG Set 2 is a boxed set containing two beautiful full color books (an 80-page Player’s Guide and an 80-page Game Master’s Guide), two different heavy reference cards (with multiple copies of each to share around the table), and a poster map of the world of Thedas depicting Orlais, Rivain, and everything in between.

Return to Ferelden and face the Blight in Dragon Age Set 2!

Paco Garcia Jaen unboxes Dragon Age RPG: Box set 2

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