Unboxing: Dr Who Card Game

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DWlid500[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

When a company does games well, jumping into a parallel side of the business with a different type of game is a risky strategy. Even though a well known license will attract people to the product, the reputation of both the product and the license puts a lot of pressure on the company to come up with a great game.

This is what Cubicle 7 has done here. They’ve come out with a card game for Dr Who, one of their best selling and best known licenses. Considering that most Dr Who games published by other companies in the past have been pretty bad, they had a tall order to satisfy people.

So they’ve gone to a well known and respected game designer, Martin Wallace, and to a well known and respected artist, Jon Hogdson, and produced a card game that uses time travelling mechanics.

Oh, at a VERY reasonable price.

However reasonable, though, are the contents of the box worth their crust?

Let’s take a look inside and find out!

Paco Garcia Jaen takes a look in the Dr Who Card Game box.


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