Unboxing: Aventuras en la Marca del Este Campaign Setting

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Unboxing: Aventuras en la Marca del Este Campaign Setting

aventuras-en-la-marca-del-este-escenario-de-campania[1]This time I am unboxing an RPG that comes from Spain and tries very hard to bring back the nostalgia type of feeling we get when we revisit the old boxes from bygone D&D decades.

La Marca del Este, published by Holocubiertain Spain is trying just that. From its origins, the gorgeous art and the evocative and dangerous setting has mixed very well with a mechanics system that, although simplistic by today’s standards, really shines with players who want a more raw and unadulterated RPG experience.

So, coming from a small company that can’t do a huge run of games and is having difficulties finding an international publisher because of the market saturation of retro-clones, is this box any good and are the contents worth the money? Let’s take a look inside and discover the production values of La Marca del Este campaign setting.


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