The RPG Room: Funny horror movies

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The RPG Room: Funny horror movies

Ok, this is not a funny horror movie, but you get the idea.

Funny horror movies… You know, there are a lot of very funny horror movies out there. Seriously (pun intended) and some films that weren’t intended to be funny become funny in time. Because what was horrible 30 years ago it can now be common.

And yet we should not ignore the horrific elements of those films, because otherwise they are just silly, out-of-place comedies that aren’t funny for long.

So, as a means to lighten-up some games, adding funny horror movies elements to the table can be a very good idea.

In this episode, Rob Adams and I go over a few movies that can offer a lot of inspiration to bring goofy and silly horror to your games without ruining the drama.

Hope you enjoy the show, and if you do, check out our previous episode to add Slasher Film Horror to your games.!

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