The Sunken City


By Megan Robertson

Herein is presented an unusual and atmospheric place to explore. As usual, 0one Games’s technical ability shines with especial mention due to the ‘water’ overlay, showing what you’d see of this sunken city from above the water – anyone who’s gone diving or even snorkelled will appreciate how different things look from above and below water!

It’s a big city – the grid you can add via the ‘Rule the Dungeon’ function is a fifty-foot one rather than the more customary five-foot… or at least, so it is claimed. I think that actually it is the conventional five-foot one, only that there are considerably more than usual of them across a page! That or the houses are gigantic.

There are lots of ruined houses, other features include sunk ships, crypts, sea monster skeletons and some larger buildings like an arena and a palace. Naturally at this scale the buildings are mere outlines – should you require more detail you will have to scale up or find another similar floorplan in the required scale.

In one area, some features are designated ‘monoliths’ surrounding a structure called ‘the main crypt’ which bears marking reminiscent of dread Cthulhu! You may wish to change this, at first glance before looking at the legend I thought the ‘monoliths’ were fumaroles, with a large temple situated between them. Well, it’s your underwater city, put what you like there!

The usual features are here: greyscale and colour versions of the maps, ability to set the direction of north (or eliminate the compass marker altogether) and to choose to print all colour (or all greyscale) pages at once rather than select each in turn.

Overall, a nice resource which could intrigue characters interested in underwater archaeology (or treasure hunting!) once they figure out a way to get down to have a look around… and as always, technically excellent.

By Megan Robertson

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