The Order of the Silver Twilight

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CT33-coc-lcg-order-of-the-silver-twilight-3D-BOX Their world is forged of privilege, lubricated by money, and polished with the prerogatives of the upper crust, yet no depth where power might be found has gone unexplored. Human sacrifice, unnatural tortures, perverse and hedonistic practices… all are brought into the service of the Order’s relentless pursuit of power.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present a historic event for the Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game®: the introduction of the Order of the Silver Twilight as a brand-new faction through the Order of the Silver Twilight deluxe expansion, coming this Winter.

The Order of the Silver Twilight features 3 copies each of 55 never-before-seen cards – 40 for Order of the Silver Twilight, 2 for each of the existing factions, and 1 neutral card – that will permanently change the environment of theCall of Cthulhu metagame. Moreover, from this expansion forward the Order of the Silver Twilight will be a full faction within the game and all future expansions of the Call of Cthulhu card game will feature cards from the Order of the Silver Twilight alongside the other factions.

ritual-of-summoning-sm[1] The Order of the Silver Twilight is made up of a secret cabal of leading politicians, charismatic socialites, persuasive civic leaders, and successful businessmen who must pass through successive ranks of occult initiation and ritual to emerge into the inner sanctum of the Order, there to pursue their quest for ultimate earthly – and unearthly – power. To represent the Order’s magical mastery in the game, The Order of the Silver Twilight introduces an assortment of versatile and challenging cards whose game mechanics mesh well with a variety of decks and play styles.

Among the weapons of the Order’s arsenal are the Ritual support cards. These cards represent the spells of the Order that, unlike event cards which flash into play and are then discarded, the Rituals remain in play, looming threateningly and triggering off of in-game events. Rituals are also not the only cards of the Silver Twilight involving discard and sacrifice and, as a game progresses, more and more stacked Silver Twilight abilities will emerge that will spell doom for anyone opposing them.

The Order of the Silver Twilight is a game-changing expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. For more information on this new faction, please visit our Order of the Silver Twilight website.

This Winter, the secret machinations of the Order of the Silver Twilight will be brought to light. Will you join them in their unending quest for power, or will you muster your arms against the threat they present to the world?

The Order’s only ally is power, its only enemy: anything that stands in its way.

Based on the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and his literary circle, Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game takes two players deep into the Cthulhu Mythos where investigators clash with the Ancient Ones and Elder Gods for the fate of the world. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Asylum Pack expansions to the core game.


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