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Empyrean-logoThe Mystic Empyrean Free Preview Game is now available to download from!

What is Mystic Empyrean?

For those who haven’t been following the development of Mystic Empyrean so far, here’s a breakdown of the game that promises to be one of the most groundbreaking RPGs of all time.

  • Roleplaying-Based Character Direction – Empyrean is populated by Eidolons, creatures who wear their souls as a skin. As an Eidolon, the choices you make and the attitudes you take will determine development. At the end of a game session, other players rate which traits you roleplayed. Were you filled with Anger? Did you Wheedle others into serving your ends? Did you show Kindness to those in need? Each of these traits has a linked power. By developing the personality trait, you also develop the power linked to it, changing both the outward appearance and inward character of your Eidolon.
  • LieselotteCollaborative Storytelling – Mystic Empyrean encourages all players to participate in the development of the game world. Players work in concert to build encounters, create worlds, and develop plots. This means that there is minimal pre-game planning and plenty of unexpected plot twists during each game session.
  • Simple Resolution, Complex Consequences – The Balance of Anima governs all aspects of Empyrean. Each Eidolon possesses an inherent balance, as does the world around them. When an Eidolon puts his force of will into an action, he shifts Anima from himself into the world, tipping this balance and having far-reaching consequences on future actions. Since the Balance affects random encounter generation, your actions may alter the entire world!
  • Build your World, then Conquer it – Shrouded in mist, Empyrean has been in a millennium of decline after the destruction of its foundation, Grand Cornerstone. As Eidolons, your goal is to recover the fragments of Grand Cornerstone, and restore the world to its former glory. With each stone you recover, you are able to create new worlds from your imagination, crafting them to your will. With the tools contained in Mystic Empyrean, your worlds will generate monsters, dungeons, and treasures that surprise even you!
  • Build your Game, then Master it – Mystic Empyrean presents players with the basic mechanics for conflict resolution, storytelling, and world creation. Beyond this, it presents optional systems that players can choose to adopt as conventions of their world. Will you unlock the secrets of Alchemy? Of taming pets? Of summoning the spirits of nature? Or of rewriting history itself? Empyrean lets players build the world they want to adventure in, down to the very mechanics of the game.

Book Preview2The Preview Game

The Preview Game of Mystic Empyrean gives you everything you need to play a complete, single session adventure. It comes with five pre-created characters, which will grow and evolve new powers over the course of the game. Will you pursue cruelty, scornfulness, or bloodthirst in search of power? Or will you follow the path of honour, humility, and charity? The preview game gives you these choices right out of the gate, and allows you to see how they temper your characters into different forms. Whether you choose your path and consciously work towards becoming what you wish to be, or roleplay organically and let your actions decide your path, the choice is up to you.

Additionally, the preview game will give you a taste of how Mystic Empyrean sets up scenarios, uses group storytelling, and utilizes random encounter generation to create an ever-changing game experience that has all the narrative excitement of a pre-planned campaign. Plus, you’ll be treated to the visual splendour of a world created by visionary artist Katrina Lin, and extraordinary maps crafted by master cartographer Devin Night. The 44-page book is available for free in PDF format, and collectors have the opportunity to purchase a physical copy for their collections and game tables.

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