The Level 99 Games Minigame Library is now available in Kickstarter!

AllBoxesGet 4½ brand new games from the creator of BattleCON and Mystic Empyrean.

Couldn’t you use a game for every occasion that fits into your pocket? Each of these games is designed with the core ideas of approachability, replayability, innovation, and portability. Each has a different play weight, a different genre, a different player count, and a different theme than the others, so you’ll have the perfect game for every occasion and play group at your disposal.

The games come in a carrying case that makes it easy to bring them all with you at once, as well as their own smaller boxes, for transporting a single game in your pocket for unexpected occasions.

We have stretch goals that add more games into the library for everyone, so pledge early to unlock them!

Thanks again for checking out the project!



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