The G*M*S Magazine Spiel 2012 interviews–Episode 5

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By Paco Garcia Jaen

The last of the 5 DVDs we created. We end the series with some of the best interviews we recorded at the show. It was a pretty spectacular show this year with some genuinely amazing games and new companies being seen for the first time, and new trend of companies that have never created boardgames taking some first steps into the industry. Also a lot of new companies, very often with just one or two people at the helm.

Overall, Spiel showed a very healthy face of the industry, both in terms of players and companies willing and able to make an effort to come to Germany, that is likely to continue and expand in 2013.

Gale_Force_9The first interview is with the managing director of Gale Force 9. Paul takes us through Spartacus the board game, as well as the philosophy behind the company and some plans for the future.

Cranio_CreationsWe then came back to Europe to interview Lorenzo Silva, from Cranio Creations, creators of Dungeon Fighter amongst other games. As well as discussing the massive success of the game, which was largely unexpected, we talk about their new games, Like, The Social Game and 1969.

NSKNIt was also my pleasure to get together again with Andrei Novak, from NSKN Legendary Games and see their new games. But this meet also came with the added bonus of meeting Agniegska Kopera, one of the really clever minds behind the games the company produces.

sagazeAnd from Europe to South America. There weren’t many companies from the South American continent, but Sagaze, a Peruvian Company run by Martin Williams. Martin has a very interesting approach to games and is truly passionate about spreading the word. His puzzle and football games, as well as the more abstract games he’s designed are indeed worth a good look.

DOWThe success of Days of Wonder as a company is truly remarkable. They have an incredible ability to come out with great game after great game and the expansions for Small World and ticket to Ride continue to be popular after so many years. We talked to their European PR manager to find out about their newest game, Shadows over Camelot, which has been re-formatted into a card game that looks truly excellent.

mayfairAnd lastly we have a true legend of boardgaming world, Larry Roznai from Mayfair Games. Although he will be very modest and quick to give credit to anyone and everyone else in the company, his vision has taken the company to being a multi-million dollar company and have the game that catapulted boardgaming into the notoriety that has continue to expand to our days. With a catalogue of games that would make people’s eyes water in anticipation, Mayfair has established itself as an industry leader. The short, when Larry talk, you listen. And listen good!

Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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