The G*M*S Magazine RPG Podcast Episode 74–Alternative ways to promote your game!

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previewThe Christmas episode is here and I will keep things brief because you have to tidy up and eat those meals of deliciousness with your family and/or friends.

In this episode Jenn, Vickey and I take a quick look at what 2012 has been and what it has brought to us from the gaming point of view. We also discuss what we’re looking forward to in 2013 and what plans we have for our gaming lives. And there are a lot of exciting plans, I have to say!

Recently, at Dragonmeet, the I felt the panel on the RPG industry in the UK struggled a bit to come up with ways, ideas and plans to promote their games. Their replies weren’t as definite and to-the-point as I would have liked, so the three of us have put on our thinking caps and come up with 5 ways to promote gaming and games in an alternative way that will cost little money.

OK, some of them do cost money, but we think they’re pretty good ideas.

I’d be more interested in finding out what you think, though…

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Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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