The G*M*S Magazine RPG Podcast Episode 40–Dr. Who with Oli Smith

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doctor-who-nuclear-time-smallIt’s that time of the week where we can sit back and enjoy the hard work that goes into creating a quality podcast. Of you can listen to ours instead!

This is a special episode for various reasons. First of all because me and Dale are joined by the gorgeous Jenn from the Jennisodes to co-host our show. Apart from having a wealth of knowledge and the charm to go with it, Jenn just happens to be absolutely lovely and we had an absolutely great time.

We also have an interview with Oli Smith, Dr. Who enthusiast and author of many novels, graphic novels, video games and pretty much anything else you can think about related to Dr.Who.

No wonder then, that I had a great conversation with him about what makes a good Dr. Who character and how to bring the TV series and novels onto the table with the Dr.Who game published by Cubicle 7.

And we have a giveaway too! Don’t miss it at the end of the interview!

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