The G*M*S Magazine RPG Edition Episode 40.5–Miniatures in with Sandrine Thirache

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This is a very special episode. It is special because I am joined by Vickey Beaver to co-host this episode. Vickey has a TON of experience in games and it was an absolute blast to get to talk with her. We talk miniatures in Role Playing Games and whether they are necessary or not.

www.mongoosepublishingAnd is also special because we don’t have one interview. We have two!

The first interview is with Sandrine Thirache, the lead 3d modeller for Mongoose Publishing. Since miniature making is something I know very little about it, I thought it’d be interesting to have an expert around and she didn’t disappoint. At all! Her insight in how Mongoose’s workflow and practises was really tremendous and the interview very informative.

BaneBeasts-Krull-Servile-Lord-of-DisOn the subject of miniatures, Vickey and I talk about Salute 2012 and a specific company I stumbled upon in that convention, BaneLegions. I don’t exaggerate when I tell you they have some of the most incredibly detailed and gorgeous miniatures I have ever seen. The craftsmanship is just stunning and the design of the creatures incredibly original. No wonder the sculptor works for Weta International, and has participated in movies like Avatar and The Hobbit!

The second interview is with Brendan Davies, from Bedrock Games. He is the author and publisher of a really interesting selection of role playing games, of which Servants of Gaius is the latest and a very compelling and well crafted game based in ancient Rome.

Servant-of-GaiusHowever it is very interesting to see they have a very varied selection of games, from horror based to historical setting. Brendan gives an insight on the background of the company, as well as the philosophy of their games and game creation.

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