The G*M*S Magazine Podcast RPG Edition Episode 42–Chronicle City with Angus Abranson

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chronicle-cityWe come to episode 42 and we’re hoping this is the last episode with just Dale and myself.

I am very pleased to say we are going to have more co-hosts in future episodes and they’re going to make the podcast really great! You’ll find out who in this episode of the show.

In this show Dale talks about his experience playing Mutants and Masterminds with children, and his first impressions on the Marvel RPG. It would appear that ICONS, with its simple mechanics and cartoon style layout was a hit!

Angus Abranson has got just the right type of pedigree to create a successful RPG publishing company. From his beginnings in retail to co-founding one of the most successful companies in the UK, Cubicle 7, Angus knows everything one needs to know, and he is doing it all very well indeed. We talk about what Chronicle City is all about, what games they have and plans for the future. Future that looks very promising!

And we end with a bit of a rant about apathy in gamers from the UK. Yep, Dale and I go at it again! And if you disagree with us, please let us know. is the email and you’re more than welcome to use it!

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