The G*M*S Magazine Podcast RPG Edition Episode 32 – Marvel Super Heroes RPG

Marvel_Heroic_Ro_4f049a57b86342012 is probably going to be the year of the Super Hero. With the Avengers movie taking the cinema spotlight, the Marvel Superheroes RPG from Margaret Weiss productions is going to fit very nicely in the schedule.

Powered by the Cortex system, the game has been designed to be a storytelling experience with plenty of flexibility to fit the Marvel Universe in it and allow both players and GMs to enjoy heroic adventures at any level.

The no mean feat to achieve that, was placed upon the shoulders of talented writer and all round good guy, Philippe-Antoine Ménard, also known as the ChattyDM.

PhilHis infectious passion for the game comes across during the interview, and we go into the ins and outs of this game, the system and all its possibilities.

Question for you, dear listener. How do you retire your character from a long lasting campaign?

Dale and I will talk about it and discuss a few options that might help you move on from your experienced character onto another, newer and more exciting one, without breaking the campaign as your GM has planned it.

Hope you enjoy the show. We’d very much welcome your feedback and your questions. Please feel free to contact us on

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