The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 98–Standard Action with Joanna Gaskell

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SaLogoFinalSmall1Another episode with a twist. In this episode we don’t talk games. Well… not all the time.

I had the pleasure of taking to Joanna Gaskell, the producer, writer, actress and overall brains and passion behind Standard Action, one of the bet produced and funniest fantasy web series out there.

The series has gone through one full season and season two episodes are being screened now, with still some episodes to come. Season three is currently being funded in Kickstarter and has already got enough money to produce the third season, though there are some really cool stretch goals to come.

But there is a lot more than meets the eye to this series and to Joanna as well. And some seriously exciting plans!

Enjoy the show! (please)

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