The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 87–Zombie House Blitz

pic1547678_mdPlenty of people think that zombies are done to death, and considering that zombies are walking dead, it kind of fits nicely.

What I think people mean though, is that too many games with a zombie theme have been published to date. I guess that means that for someone to want to come out with yet another Kickstarter project for a game wit a zombie theme is, to say the least, brave.

Yet, that’s what Jeremiah Lee has done. He’s set up Stupid Awesome Games and launched Zombie House Blitz, a fast paced card game in which you have to get out of the house to survive, even if you  have to leave your grandma behind…

Dr Mike Reddy interviewed Jeremiah to find out more about this project… see what you think!

Also our dear doctor has had a nostalgia attack and he muses on games long gone from his childhood (also long gone).

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