The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 85–Cosmic Encounters and X-Wing with Dr Reddy and Kara

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pic1521633_tOnce again we put word to microphone and, with our tongue so stuck in our cheeks that we’re amazed it doesn’t pierce through our faces, we bring you another episode of the podcast with much hilarity and a very healthy dose of silliness.

And a lot more, of course.

We have a good discussion about and Kara gives us her opinion from the point of view of someone who works in a games shop. Just in case you don’t know, Tabletop Day is the initiative that Felicia Day, Will Wheaton and their team have come up with to encourage and incentivise people to get out there and play games in the open. A pub, a library, a restaurant… if it has a table, play a game. If it doesn’t have a table, get a deck of cards out!

pic1424634_tMe, having played Cosmic Encounters for the first time a few days ago – even though I’ve had the game for two years. Don’t ask… – and I was quite taken by the simplicity of the game and how easily it can turn anyone (and everyone!) around the table into a ruthless negotiator thirsty only for colonization. Tremendous!

Dr Reddy, on the other hand, has been playing X-Wing and he’s hooked! All my fault, I have to say. I was the one who told him that the UK Championships will take place at the UK Games Expo and now he wants to win. But he plans on doing it in a different way…

And talking about Star Wars, we mention the full size Millennium Falcon project, which is something I didn’ tknow about and the people behind the project deserve a huge amount of credit. It’s truly terrific!

Also, we answer a question from one of our listeners, Joe Salinas, about the game Nuts.

And lastly, an announcement about our G*M*S Magazine Network member, Shorty Monster. He’s got his very own podcast and it’s really fun to listen to! It’s not all about games, though. They cover literature and other topics too, and it’s well worth a listen. The link to their show is

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