The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 73–Kuznia Gier with Piotr Zuchowski

kuznia_logo_podgkThe time to get a cup of tea (or coffee, or whatever), sit back and relax for a while while our favourite team of podcasters entertain you has come.

This episode marks the start of a new era in podcasting. After a few weeks of Dr Reddy and I being on our own and left to bring chaos upon the podcasting world, the three fortunes have smiled upon us and have sent our way a new co-host to bring us two into check and get out the last little drop of common sense out of us.

Het name is Kara Gander and so far she hasn’t managed to get us in check. In fact she’s joined the frenzy quite merrily!

But don’t take it from me, you’ll hear her!

So, in this episode, we have a few things covered. Firstly we talk and rant about trolls. “Thanks” to some idiot spreading slandering nonsense about a well known game store, there have been quite a few forum posts and some talking. The forums at Fantasy Flight Games did indeed see a lot of activity. So there… we give you our thoughts.

And we also talk about more things, like why people (that means you!) should support local games stores. Specially the friendly ones.

And, as usual (and I say usual because sometimes we don’t) we have an interview. In this occasion is with Piotr Zuchowski, the rather talented man behind the media coverage and marketing activities at Kuznia Gier, the Polish company that has brought out Alcatraz, Kingpin, Top A Top, The Witcher Card Game and many, many others.

With their latest game, 1984: Farm Animal, about to be released at Essen, I caught up just before the show, so this interview is already a few weeks old, but just as interesting!

Hope you’ll enjoy the show!

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Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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