The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 61–Forsooth!

forsooth_topThe podcast breaks the 60 mark and enters in its 61st episode, which is something I wasn’t expecting. I usually get tired of things a lot sooner, so I guess you listeners are doing something right to get me going. So thank you for that!

This is a special episode, though! We have the return of Dale, the prodigal co-host who thought boardgames had taken his call away from RPGs!

In any event, he’s back and we talk for a bit about the new Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight and how boxed games are not what players want.

Dale position: the Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition hasn’t done very well because it comes in a box and is expensive.

My position: I have no idea if the WHFRPG 3rd Edition has done well because I don’t have any numbers, but I am not sure people are that against boxes and would love to find out. I love boxes. A lot!

Also we have an interview with the designers of Forsooth, the Game Chef 2011 winner. Vickey joined me in interviewing this guys and Vickey’s presence made the interview very interesting.

Fortsooth is an RPG of Shakespearian setting and inclination. The game has been designed to help the players enact the drama and comedy from Shakespeare’s lore and, with an “applause” mechanic like I’ve not seen in any other game, it really presents itself as a very different game from the rest.

Maybe that’s why it got the accolade in 2011!

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Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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