The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 60 – Ace of Aces with Alfred Leonardi

aceofaces3We’re ageing, though very nicely, I’d say! Episode 60 is here! Another 7 episodes and we can retire!

Or maybe not.

So, this is another weird episode of the podcast (as usual, I hear you say) but, trust me we really have done it this time. And the madness starts from the start. Literally.

However, although the dear Doctor Reddy and I are a bit crazy, there is a lot of method and wisdom in our madness and we do talk games like true pros. Dr Reddy has organised a convention based on dyslexia and games, which is a very dear subject for me since I am dyslexic. Me, on the other hand, have received a few games, some of them not released yet (thank you publishers!) and you’ll probably want to hear about them because they are pretty stunning.

And there is the traditional interview and this time we have a true legend. Alfred Leonardi, the truly terrific mind behind Ace of Aces, a diceless aerial combat game from the early 80s that became very successful in Kickstarter recently.

For people out there who think that the latest is the best, please do listen, because the amount we have to learn from the veterans is absolutely incredible and Mr Leonardi is living proof. And a truly lovely man he is as well!

Oh, and a surprise! A Podcast within a Podcast to tell you about Drake, a really cool graphic novel project in Kickstarter!

As always, comments welcome on, or you can leave a message by clicking on the tab to the right!

Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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