The G*M*S Magazine Podcast episode 57–Portal with Ignacy

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pic1296833_mdThis is the Heinz episode of the G*M*S Magazine Podcast. Just like Heinz has 57 products, we have 57 episodes, but that’ll change soon because I have so many interviews to publish that I’ll be dishing them out in the next three weeks like hot cakes at a school’s door.

In this episode, Dr Reddy and I had the pleasure of interviewing Ignacy from Portal Publishing. Creator and co-creator of *lots* of pretty amazing games. Starting with Neuroshima Hex, Pret-A-Porter and quite a few others, both in RPG and boardgames. But also the latest release, Convoy.

Convoy is an asymmetric card game for two players in which one of the players controls the Morloch and is wonton on destroying New York, while the other player will have to try and stop them.

There will be a video unboxing its components very soon. If you’re reading this three weeks after the release of this episode, the likelihood is that it’ll be out now. Check out our unboxing videos section.

Our very own Doctor has been on holidays! And he took games with him. And the best and favouritest game he took with him was Rory’s Story Cubes. And we talk about that, and about Rory.

51dkp5izgfL._SL500_AA300_668529And we also talk about Monopoly, and, for once, in a half good way. The good guys at Bletchley Park are going to launch an Alan Turin limited edition of Monopoly. If you don’t know Alan Turin, you certainly want to take a look at this.

As well as being one of the most underrated and unknown geniuses of the 20th century (he broke the Enigma Code machine that helped defeat the Nazis in World War II) he suffered horrible humiliation and treatment from the government he helped save for being gay. From chemical castration to ostracism, until he no longer could cope and committed suicide.

A truly tragic loss that, hopefully, this edition of Monopoly will bring to some people’s awareness and will help Mr. Turin’s work to become more widely spread.

You can listen to this episode by clicking in the images below:

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  1. Turin was a total legend. there’s been new investigations into his death too, and it seems that there’s a reasonably strong case he never killed himself, but was murdered for his sexuality.

    Downloading this one as I type.

  2. Gutekk says:

    Link is not working!
    It would be great if you could fix that! 🙂

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