The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 54–Solforge with Justin Gary

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Solforge logoWelcome back to this episode of the G*M*S Magazine Podcast and our gaming ramblings (wise as they might be!). In this episode I am joined by the ever talented and knowledgeable Dr Mike Reddy, the voice of wisdom and common sense in a world of gaming madness.

Kickstarter continues to become a more and more ingrained part of gaming production culture at a speed that would make blinking appear like the laziest butterfly kiss ever seen in a Twilight movie. Except that Kickstarter actually does have some good acts happening in it. And no glittering vampires. That’d be just stupid.

Justin garyOne of the potential excellent acts that Kickstarter has going at the time of recording and publishing this podcast is Solforge. Right from the mind and talent of Justin Gary and Dr Richard Gardfield, which I bet it’s such an explosive and talented team that even the Expendables crew wouldn’t dare tackling them.

For a bit of reference, Justin Gary is the designer of Ascension: Chronicles of the God Slayer and all the expansions. That includes the tablet and mobile devices versions that really make worth buying a tablet just to play them. Yep. That good.

Dr Richard Garfield is the inventor of Magic: The Gathering. I will not patronise anyone by explaining what game that is or where to find it. Quite frankly, if you don’t know, you probably need help or you are 7 years old. Remarkable as it might be that a 7 years old could read this website, you might want to tell your parents solforge tokensyou’re here. They might not be pleased.

So, thanks to the great PR team that Justin has behind him, I had the pleasure of interviewing him and talk for a few minutes about Solforge and what it is all about. It was just before he went to GenCon and I think he was packing, so don’t be surprised if he sounds super excited and a bit out of breath.

Dr Mike and I do talk a bit as well! Cargo Noir, Inquisitio and Fighting Fantasy books a few of the topics we discuss, as well as talking about Solforge, Kickstarter and more stuff.

Yep. A fun packed podcast for your perusal! Comments and the like can be sent to and you can leave a voice message by clicking on the tab tot he right.

Enjoy the show!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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