The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 47 Boardgames edition. Wrong Chemistry with Dr. Mike Reddy

pic1260824_mdSometimes life conspires against you and the things you normally do, you can’t do them normally because life has got in the way. However that doesn’t mean that what you do in a different way is any worse. In fact, it can be just as good!

I am not making any sense. I know. Just keep reading.

Mark is mighty busy. Lorien is on holidays (vacation, if you will) and unable to make it for this episode, and I have got the number wrong (again!), so it’s yet another weird one and I don’t have my podcasting pals around. But I have an awesome interview. The options are either to talk to the microphone for a while and have you slashing your wrists in boredom, or bring someone else that might be interesting to listen to.

Enter, Dr. Mike Reddy. This very tall man is as nice and knowledgeable about pretty much anything as he’s tall. I wouldn’t mention how tall he is if he weren’t very tall. That should give you an idea of how nice and knowledgeable he is.

Oh. It doesn’t? Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out then. Incredulous human!

Anyway. Dr. Reddy, teaches game design. This is good because it means that (at last!) I have someone co-hosting the podcast that I can’t argue with. At least not a lot. And he has a lovely voice. Very velvety. Like Richard Attenborough but sounding very different.

Oh shut up! You’ll find out when you listen.

The interview is with Mike Andreasakis. A very nice guy who has come up with a really, really strange, intriguing and, by the looks of it, fun game about chemistry. But chemistry in the wrong way, which is why that game is called Wrong Chemistry. It is in Kickstarter at the moment and it seems the type of wacky game that would be fun just because it is so wacky. And it is rather cheap as well to back, so you’re late if you haven’t backed it already. Or if the Kickstarter campaign has finished by the time you read/listen to this.

Anyway. We also have some feedback from a listener and some really fun stuff we talk about because, you know, we are fun. That means you can send us some feedback too and you can either leave a message or send us an email at

Very much looking forward to hearing from you. And you!

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