The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 46 Part 1–Warhammer Fantasy with Graeme Davis

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The-Enemy-Within-Box-ArtBy Paco Garcia Jaen

Welcome back everyone to the podcast. Just to make things confusing, this is the first part of episode 46, but it’s coming out after episode 47. A glitch in Mathematics, what can I say? Maybe it’s not such an exact science as they claim!

Stop looking at me like that! And stop laughing!

In this first part, I have Dale with me. I was hoping to have Vickey as well, but we got the time-zones wrong. With *we* I mean me. I wish the planet were flat!

In this episode you will find the first part of the interview I had with Graeme Davis. GraeVictorianame, as well as being a nice guy, it’s a fantastic writer to boot. His imagination and good writing brought us The Enemy Within a long time ago, for Warhammer Fantasy, and now he’s working on the sequel to that great adventure. So I had the chance to ask what can we expect from it, and I think the answer will surprise you. Gladly!

Dale and I talk and review Victoriana, a game I have read recently and that I found a lot more interesting than I was expecting!

regime_diaboliqueDale, on the other hand, has been reading Regime Diabolique, and it sounds like a great swashbuckling game worth taking a look at!

The second part, with Jenn, will come very, very soon, but in the meantime, if you’d like to get in touch with us, please send us an email to or follow us on Twitter @gmsmagazine. Of course you can also leave a voice message on the tap to the right.

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