The G*M*S Magazine Podcast: Episode 35 – Boardgames with Nevemore Games and Chicken Caesar

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chicken-caesar-rulesAnother week and another episode of the podcast, this time a bit longer than usual, but worth every minute!

Theme can be a very important issue for some people. If the theme of a game doesn’t sound interesting, plenty of people will simply ignore the game and spend their money in something that is more interesting at first glance. Of course that doesn’t mean the game will be any better, but still appearances are important and one has to be discerning and careful spending money.

So I brought this subject to my co-hosts, Lorien Green and Mark Rivera and get some very interesting reactions!

eggsclusiveAs per usual, we also have an interview. This time is with the clever guys at Nevermore Games, creators of Chicken Caesar.

Talking about a special theme, in this game you play politics, betrayal and chicken. Yep… with Roosters and everything! And they are nice guys to boot!

And we announce the winners of the our latest giveaway!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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