The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 14

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And we come back once more to bring you two truly exciting interviews with top people in the interview.

First, though, a bit of an announcement that has only reached this humble podcaster in the last 48 hours. G*M*S Magazine and the G*M*S Magazine Podcast have been awarded with the Game Genius Gold Awards for the best Game Blog Company and Best Game Podcast.

This is a truly unexpected honour and has left me and Mark totally speechless.

We can’t thank enough everybody who voted for us, and I think it is only appropriate to thank you, the reader and listener who have been there since we started to do this just over a year ago.

We can promise we’ll make our outmost to get better and bring you more interviews, reviews and all sorts of goodness for your enjoyment. Please, do take this as an offering to let us know what you’d like to see and hear in the website and podcast, without you, we really have no purpose.

So on with the show.


This time we have a two heavy-weights of the RPG industry.

Scott Gray is one fo the top editors for Wizards of the Coast and his name appears in the credits of some of the best and most loved books and adventures published in the Dungeons & Dragons arena of the last 8 years or so. his unquestionable talent and enthusiastic attitude has helped shape many a book and also create his own material, which is truly stunning. You can also visit his website, Insane Angel.

rhune-gallery[1]Our second interviewee is probably the coolest geek on the planet. Anyone with a doctorate in Astrophysics and Dark Matter who can also create some of the most stunningly gorgeous maps on this Earth has to be a totally cool guy. Jonathan Roberts is the brain and talent behind Fantastic Maps and all its incredible cartography. With work under his belt for Rite Publishing, the “Rhune, Dawn of Twilight” setting and works for Open Design’s Midgard setting, his credentials are more than set. But that is not all we talk about him and I!

Thank goodness you don’t have to take my word for it and you can listen to my interview with Jonathan Roberts to find out yourself.

There is also a bit of a surprise in the middle of the show, in the shape of some words by one of our contributors and also one of the most prolific review writers out there, Thilo Graf. I’ll give you a hint… it is VERY thought provoking!

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Enjoy the show!

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