The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 13

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dice-hate-me-games[1]Welcome to the most random episode of the G*M*S Magazine Podcast to date.

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In this rather chaotic episode we have a review of a couple of games that Mark and I have been playing recently.

We also have two interviews with some of the hottest names in the games industry today.

productshot590[1]The first interview is with a young couple who are taking Kickstarter by storm. Chris and Cherilyn from Dice Hate Me Games have created a really cool looking game called Carnival, and the backing it’s getting in Kickstarter is nothing short of breath-taking. But then, there are very good reasons why they have all the support they’re getting. And after the interview, you’ll know why.

And our second interview is no less interesting. If you are into boardgames, you know Boardgamegeek. It is, by far, the biggest boardgame dedicated website ever. And Scott Alden is one of the founders and terrific mind behind the success of this extremelly comprehensive website. So how did he do it? How long did it take? Where is it going?

geek-logo[1]To make things even better, both interviews have exclusive announcements of future releases and developments!

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Hope you enjoy this show!



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