The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 123 – The last episode!

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last_episodeBy Paco Garcia Jaen

Welcome back friends to the last episode of the G*M*S Magazine Podcast.

Every since the podcast started, and that’s over three years ago now, I’ve been addicted to it. What started as a once a month endeavour quickly became twice a month, then weekly, and then more often than that with various different shows.

We’ve had dozens of interviews with amazing people and amazing games. Some terrific Kickstarter projects and some not so great, but all taught us something.

Now things have to change. Unfortunately I don’t have time to look after the production of the podcast, the videos and the main site, so need to delegate and, at the same time, take the opportunity to diversify too.

So the podcast goes away, but not the podcasting channel. In fact, that is going to grow.

From now on, the Podbean account we have, since it’s a lot bigger and has more storage space than I can fill in one month, will become a podcast channel.

What does that mean? It means you’re going to get more episodes of more shows about more subjects and topics of gaming interest.

We’re going to have as many Rooms as G*M*S Magazine Mansions can host. Starting with The Boardgame Room, The RPG Room, The Boardgame Interviews Room and RPG Interview Room, The Boardgame Review Room… And more rooms to come!

In one iTunes or RSS feed, you’ll get all those shows. If they are of no interest to you, then just delete it and the next one will be interesting. Just like a TV or Radio channel, you’ll have a variety of shows and you can listen to those that are interesting to you and ignore those that aren’t.

This means there’s space for more rooms and if you want to have your own room and your own show, we should talk. Basically I’d like to give people out there the chance to have their own podcast without having to pay for any hosting.

So there you go.

The last episode and the last farewell, but not the last goodbye!

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