The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 122 – Stack & Attack Kickstarter project

stack_and_attackThe thing about Kickstarter and board/role playing games that I like the most if the amount and level of crazy, wicked and terribly original some ideas get to. Stack & Attack is one of those!

In this game, from Egra Games, you become a Neanderthal who has to appease the gods by stacking rocks, which the only valuable thing you have. And the only weapon.

And since everyone else is also trying to appease the gods, what better way to make sure you are the best at it than to make sure the others are rubbish at it? Exactly! So you throw some of your stones at them. Hard.

Although it has a superbly cute artwork, getting an idea like this off the ground is not easy. Also it doesn’t guarantee the game will be any good. So I had to find out so you could find out and, if you feel inclined, back this game.

I interviewed Jeremy Burnham, the designer behind the game, and asked him a few questions. Some of them as hard as the rocks you’ll throw at your fellow players when you’re stacking them!

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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