The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 120 – Painting War Magazine, Plato Magazine, Escape and preparing for Spiel.

painting_war_1In this episode we have a few reviews, since I’ve been rather busy playing games, Mike has been busy reminiscing and Kara has been doing what any parent worthy of their name should do and is introducing a toddler to some gaming goodness!

Painting War is a Spanish magazine specialised in articles and tutorials about how to do just that, paint war miniatures. It’s not a cheap one and they do pack a lot in the magazine, but is it worth buying it?

Plato is a French magazine that’s been going on for quite some time now. It specialises in board games and now they’re expanding to the international market. In a market where there are few magazines, the publisher has to do very well if it is to survive… so do they?

Queen Games won last years’ Spiel des Jhares game with Escape, a cooperative dice game in which the players take the roles of explorers who have to get out of an ancient temple before the doors close and trap them inside. It was truly mental to pop by the company’s stand at Spiel 2012 and I got a taste of the game just a few days ago.

Dr Mike Reddy takes a look at his…err…. childhood, and remembers what Pit is all about. Awwww….

And lastly, Kara tells us how, as the chief board game buyer for Leisure Games, she prepares for Spiel and does her research.

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