The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 117 – Sangoku Kickstarter with Mike Elliott

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SangokuIt is quite interesting to see how some people’s names get into the minds of the public and some others don’t. This is even more interesting when we consider that the products from the non-remembered people are really popular and of undeniable quality.

This is the case with the guest being interviewed in the podcast for this episode, Mike Elliott.

His portfolio of games is impressive to say the least. He’s worked on Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon TCG amongst others, and created Star Trek Fleet Captains, Thunderstone, Quarriors and more. You’d expect with those games under his belt, it would be easy for him to get publishers to agree to get his games out in no time.

Things are not as simple, though!

In his latest game, Sangoku, he’s teamed up with Game Salute to bring his latest creation, Sangoku, into production.

Sangoku is a game of epic battle with roots in a game with thousand of years history with a seriously lovely looking oriental theme and artwork.

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