The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Boardgames Edition – Episode 53: Spiel 2012 with Dominique Metzler

Again that time for a new episode of the G*M*S Magazine podcast Boardgame Edition with another interview.

This episode is really excellent because I had the pleasure of interviewing Dominique Metzler, one of the two amazing people who organise Spiel in Essen every year and for the last 15 years.

Dominique is part of a family with great roots in board gaming. Her step-father started Spiel quit some time ago and she’s taken the reigns and run with that convention to turn it into the biggest boardgame convention on the planet.

Dominique very kindly talks about the whys and why-nots of a trade show like Spiel, and also why it hasn’t taken off in other countries or why she’s decided not to organise shows in different countries too.
Dr. Mike and I talk a lot, and you’ll be surprised, maybe horrified, but certainly amused to hear he’s declared war against Monopoly!

Yes. From now on, no Monopoly set within sight of the Doctor is safe and its pieces will be used for purposes that will become only so clear in the podcast.

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Hope you enjoy the show!

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