The Forgotten Tomb of Felgar the Goblin King

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the-forgotten-tomb-of-felgar-the-goblin-king[1]By Megan Robertson

An adventure for 2nd-5th level characters, complete with everything you need to present it on the tabletop.

Publisher’s blurb: “Before the westward migration and the trail of ten-thousand tears, before the plague of fire, before even the Giants’ war against the Southern Gods, there lived a warrior unlike any seen before or since.

“Felgar – King of the Goblins! He did not cower before the pink-skinned humans. He did not flee from the hammers of the dwarves. He never bent his knee to the elf lords in their treetop kingdoms.

“No! Felgar raised the goblin race from the mud using just the strength of his good sword arm. He carved out a kingdom from the wilderness and brought us together as a single, unified people. The day he died is still the blackest day in our history. And the day we forgot his burial spot was the day we were doomed to subservience.”

Megan’s Review

Was there a time when goblins were not vermin worthy only of immediate extermination? In this adventure, characters attempt to delve into goblin history on the trail of a great leader who stood proud amongst the other fantasy races. Written for low level (2-5) characters, intended to fill but a single evening and accompanied with all you might need by way of resources – tactical maps, monster summary cards, battlemaps and monster ‘standees’ – this scenario seeks the truth about the past.

The adventure itself starts quite abruptly with the characters entering a goblin ritual site and disturbing the ceremony in progress. How you get them there is up to you, one suggestion is that locals of other races have asked for help in clearing the goblins out. Naturally, goblins don’t like being disturbed at their devotions any more than other worshippers do, and an unseemly brawl is likely to develop. Fate will, at that point, take a hand as the chief priest calls upon his deity to intervene… a delightful moment which I won’t spoil by explaining what does happen!

In true archaeological style, this ritual site is not new, with successive layers of use to explore, moving back through goblin history, before that long-lost tomb is finally found. But is that treasure cursed? Tamper, and the characters may find out…

Everything is presented clearly, and the adventure should run smoothly with minimal preparation beyound some printing and cutting-out of the battlemap tiles and monster ‘standees’ – much nicer than tokens, especially if your players like to use miniatures to represent their characters in combat.

Whilst a straightforward ‘dungeon delve’ on the face of it, this is a neatly-crafted adventure that should make a memorable one-off or interlude in a campaign, perhaps revealing a little of the ancient history of your setting or posing some interesting questions for more reflective characters, or even launching a career as tomb raiders, ahem, archaeologists for characters for whom that would be of interest.

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