The Boardgame Interview Room: TanTrump in Kickstarter

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The Boardgame Interview Room: TanTrump in Kickstarter

Tantrump is a protest political game designed by Mike Selinker and Liz Spain that tries to breach the gap between gaming and protesting like all good pieces of art should do.

Tantrump is a game that is likely to offend and elate in equal measures and I do hope it will get a reaction in you. Either because it offends or makes you happy, it will have done part of its job. And if it entertains you as a game too, then all the better!

This is the first time we do video interviews in the channel and, as you can probably tell, the quality of the image is not great (thanks Skype!), so any advice would be very, very welcome.

This has also been released as a podcast and you have the link to the episode a bit lower down, so if you want to take this on the to rather than watch, you can do that too. And you can find hundreds of interviews too!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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