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"Eveyrone is welcome at my table", for real?

“Everyone is welcome at my table”? For real, Dear Some Straight Gamer?

Many times, when I ask people to consider adding or including LGTQI in their RPGs, I get back the argument “everyone’s welcome at my table”. I even hear that when I am trying to talk about having more LGBTQI in the books, not around the table. And yet, it invariably comes up. This video has…
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Consent in Gaming – Have we lost it?

Seems a lot of people have lost it when is about the Consent in Gaming book from Monte Cook Games. On every side of the argument. I stopped to listen to the detractors and this is what I found out. This video has been produced for www.gmsmagazine.com. Please help us by subscribing to the channel…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room with Jennell Jaquays

Having Jennell Jaquays on the show was long overdue. With so much talking about OSR and what games were like all time ago, Jim and I thought it was about time we had someone who knows *a lot* about the old days and the starts of many things. Jennell has been writing games since the…
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The RPG Room – Are games still uniting us?

Most people believe that we are into a very inclusive hobby that helps people come together and bind us into friendships and a community that is supportive and welcoming. Yet, during the last few years I have seen that community fragmenting and becoming very, very toxic in many areas. So, have games lost their ability…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Crisis of the World Eater with Louis Porter Jr.

I have known Louis Porter Jr. for a fair bit now and for that bit and much longer he’s been producing a lot of good products. Crisis of the World Eater looks like it could be his next big thing! Neoexodus has received some very good reviews from Endzeitgeist, probably the most prolific and demanding…
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