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Announcing the G*M*S Magazine Network

G*M*S Magazine started in June 2010 in an effort to bring news and reviews about the gaming world and products. It quickly became apparent to Paco Garcia Jaen, founder and – so far – creative editor for the website, that one man alone can’t write enough to keep the world interested, so he started to look for reviewers who’d either contribute, or allow him to publish their works.

War stories

“Come closer hatchlings… did I ever tell you of the time I saw the shining dome of the galactic capital on the blasted throneworld of Mecatol Rex?

Review: Skulls & Roses

I suspect that, like me, you have many friends (Shut up! I totally do!) who, while happy to play the odd game, are not ‘gamers’ per se. This is normal and fine (right…right?).