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YOU are the Maniac! Limited Edition Card Game Available Exclusively on Kickstarter

NEVADA CITY, CALIFORNIA – (October 1, 2012) – Mythos Labs announced today the upcoming limited edition release of YOU are the Maniac! the horror movie themed card game, available exclusively on the “Give Us A Hand” Kickstarter campaign, now through November 13, 2012. “We are thrilled to unveil YOU are the Maniac! to our fellow…
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Shadowrun 4e: Hiding in the Dark

If the Ork Underground is going to become an official district in Seattle, it’s going to need some cleaning up. Even if it’s not, some of the criminals down there have a pesky habit of bringing their activities to the surface, and plenty of people want them eliminated. Seattle law enforcement has had enough, and ADA Dana Oaks is determined to bring down some of the higher-profile criminals of the Underground – starting with a mob enforcer who goes by the name of Junior.


In Chrononauts you play as a time traveller from an alternate reality. You are on a mission to “rescue” three specific objects from time but in the process you have become lost in an alternate timeline. To win you must either complete your original mission, alter the timeline sufficiently to allow you to return home or gather enough power and influence over the time space continuum that you become the ultimate timelord, able to bend time to suit your every whim.