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Andrew Hackard, from Steve Jackson Games, at the UK Games Expo

Steve Jackson is one of the most famous names in gaming. Two extremely influential game designers and entrepreneurs share the name though they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Therefore having someone at the UK Games Expo who could give us a glimpse into what it is like to run the company that brought us Munchkin, GURPS and many others was a real treat.

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 78–Dragonmeet interviews

Its been nearly a month since the last podcast with interviews from Spiel, and a lot longer since we recorded some goodness and brought you some interviews.

Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson at Dragonmeet

The USA has GenCon and in the UK we have Dragonmeet. It might not have the size and length of GenCon, but it is a seriously cool little convention that takes place every in London and gathers the most prestigious publishers in the British scene and some of the most well-respected authors in the RPG…
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Micro Mutants Evolution / X-Bugs

It’s a flicking game akin to tiddlywinks, but it’s actually interesting, unlike tiddlywinks. Players take on the role of theater commander of a faction of cybernetically enhanced or alien insects that have various powers, allowing them to hide in bushes, fire missiles, spit acid balls, and all sorts of other things.