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Podcast Episode The RPG Room: Glut in the RPG industry

At G*M*S Central we believe that there are too many products being sold as PDFs at the moment and that is contributing to a languishing industry with too many companies that can’t stand on their own two money feet because there aren’t enough people buying all games and supplements. We know it is not an…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Games that are bad for the industry

What RPGs are bad for the industry? Are there any games you wish hadn’t come out? Both in Europe and in the USA, we have had some games that have hurt the industry, and some others that are hurting the industry and the hobby as a whole. Some games have helped contribute to the stigma…
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The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 64–More Spiel with Dr Mike Reddy

With so many interviews from Spiel and so many episodes to come, including the ones for the RPG section of the podcast, it felt only right to record one episode with Dr Reddy to ask and answer questions about Spiel and the state of games at the show.

Is it WotC’s responsibility to bring people to the hobby?

My friend Richard Whipple is not one for keeping his opinions to himself. He is a bit of a thinker and very passionate about role playing games, so hearing or reading his musings is always very enjoyable.

Today, though, I had to disagree with him, which is very unusual.

Consumerism, Criticism, And The Bernays Effect On The Board Game Industry

There has been a great deal of hand-wringing about the lack of what people are calling “true criticism” in the board game industry, of late. What the hand-wringers are wringing wildly about is the idea that there aren’t enough truly in-depth reviews on games, or games that speak from a level of experience; from the perspective of someone who has either mastered the game or has a trained enough eye to be able to spot the flaws in the gem that is a boardgame without actually having played it to death.