Raging Swan releases So What’s The Demi-Human Called, Anyway?

This week, Raging Swan Press is proud to announce the release of So What’s The Demi-Human Called, Anyway? a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible GM’s RESOURCE by Creighton Broadhurst. If you are as crap at naming NPCs as Creighton is, you need this supplement! So your PCs have wandered into a nearby town. Perhaps they are […]

Starting a duet RPG Campaign

This column will focus on the process of starting a duet campaign, especially for someone who isn’t that experienced of a GM, perhaps even someone who has never GMed before. In many ways, duets are a great opportunity to try to GM. You have one player and usually this is a significant other or good friend who isn’t going to give you a hard time.

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