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Fellowhsip of the blackened Oak

What is the Fellowship, then? It’s actually a fully written group of adventurers that makes for interesting adversaries for the PCs – either as foils or rivals. The first two pages give us and introduction for the group as well as a how-to-use and 5 sample encounters.

Fellowship of the Blackened Oak

Raging Swan Press has just released Fellowship of the Blackened Oak in all the usual places.  Fellowship of the Blackened Oak is the second GM’S RESOURCE following on from Antipaladins. About Fellowship of the Blackened Oak A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM’S RESOURCE supplement by Christian Alipounarian and Creighton Broadhurst. Allied with a power-hungry wyrm obsessed…
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Raging Swan Press: Antipaladins Unleashed

Raging Swan Press has just released Antipaladins in all the usual places. Antipaladins is the first GM’S RESOURCE, but upcoming releases in the series include Fellowship of the Blackened Oak, Villains and Dark Oak.

The Silver Line edition of Reiner Knizia’s The Lord of the Rings is on sale!

Evil is stirring again in the black lands of Mordor. Brave heroes are needed to stand against the terrible might of Sauron, and the time for action is nearly at hand. The fate of all Middle-earth rests on the shoulders of a brave Fellowship of hobbits… The new Silver Line Edition of The Lord of…
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