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Unlawful permissions Adventure hook.

The adventure runs in any locality of any realm our adventurers happen to be. It would be handy if any of them had connections in the town or within the castle, as there will be clues they will able to gather from the staff and the villagers along the adventure. The adventurers should be quite strong and willing to investigate, otherwise they could fall into an invasion that they will never be able to control or eradicate.

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Kit

ders of this blog already know, I’m not a big fan of the current direction of Dungeons & Dragons, an opinion I’ve held sincebefore the release of D&D IV. I was happy enough with the early days ofD&D III, but my mood changed for the worse around the time that v.3.5 was released, kicking off a quest of exploration that eventually landed me where I am today.

Castle Ravenloft Board Game

I should preface this review by stating that I’ve personally been really excited for Castle Ravenloft for some time now. With growing anticipation of its release, coupled with getting an actual chance to sit down and see the game early at GenCon this year only elevated my desire to delve deeper into what I believed would become a pseudo D&D experience wrapped inside a Boardgame exterior.