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Alcatraz New Year’s contest!

Rumors say that a new prisoner will be transferred to Alcatraz this year. A legendary phantom, a man with a thousand faces, the master of disguise whose real identity remains unknown. Who may it be? Maybe… you! Kuźnia Gier is very happy to announce a special New Year’s contest. Create your custom prisoner sheet for…
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Crafty news!

Crafty Games will be pre-releasing their latest book, the Adventure Companion at NeoCon in less than three weeks.

Coliseum Morpheuon

A quick glance at the cover and interior shows you that CM is a full-color book, and a beautiful one at that – both the full-color artworks and the formatting are beautiful to behold and easy to read. That being said, let’s jump into the action. The pdf kicks off with an informative introduction on the subject matter of the plane of dreams in literature and gaming that serves to provide both nice recommended readings as well as lead into the first chapter.

Calling All Fanfic Authors!

They’ve mentioned it before, but in case you’ve forgotten, the Pathfinder Chronicler fan fiction contest is in full swing! There’s still plenty of time to enter, however, and the winner will still receive the grand prize of a $100 Paizo store gift certificate and publication in Wayfinder, with two runners-up receiving $50 Paizo gift certificates.…
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